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How To Play:


It’s simple! Any player can begin the game by drawing from the deck to kick off the first scenario. The player to the left answers the scenario. Yes or no responses are not allowed as the goal is to give an explanation to justify an answer given to the scenario. The answer is either accepted or not by the other players. It’s a “majority rules” game and each players response will be judged by all participating players.  If the answer gets a pass, then that player is given that card which represents one point. If the majority does not agree with the answer, that card will be discarded. This process continues until the game is over and the player with the most “Bragging Points” wins. Remember, it’s not a competition but a game of character, communication and transparency. So welcome to scenarios, the game that’ll have you looking at everyone sideways!


Set up


In the box you’ll find 50 scenarios along with a single rule card to keep players in the same lane. This is a game of explanations and reasoning, so needless to say the EGO gets checked at the door. The scenarios deck is placed in the middle of the table and a player draws a card to kickstart the game. The player to the left answers and continues in that order. Singles and couples can play. It’s a universal game of character and although each card represents a point, scenarios is not a competition. The points accumulated from a player at the end are bragging points.



Bragging Points


Scenarios is not a competition but rather a collaboration. A collaboration to communicate without the pride of saying what you have to say to be right all the time. Each card is worth a bragging point and if a scenario is accepted by the majority, then that player will keep that card as a bragging point. If the majority does not agree with the answer then that card will be discarded. The player with most cards at the end gets the bragging rights for the best responses.


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